Rotten Sound looking for local heroes to join the shows on the European tour


A message from the band: “We have always wanted to learn the local scene when we tour around the world and have met tons of great bands over the years. This time we wanted to study some more and are asking you, fellow musicians, to supply a links to your music (Bandcamp, YouTube, Soundcloud etc), where we can listen to your music to choose the one that suites the tour line-up the best way. There are no strict boundaries with the style of music you make, but it’s pretty obvious that we want to have something straight-forward (fast or slow) with an original touch and lots of enthusiasm. It does not have to be grind-core or even fast, but everything extreme probably helps to catch our attention. We also appreciate D.I.Y.-approach and hope to receive only direct contacts from the bands.”

Rotten Sound will add local bands ONLY to the shows where they find truly suitable option for the line-up of that night.

The application is not binding, but we hope that you check your availability before submitting. The local band needs to bring their full backline. Please submit latest at 2.4.2016.